Sunday, May 17, 2009

Batangas Manpower Training Center

Mission and Vision


The mission of BATANGAS MANPOWER TRAINING CENTER is to provide an innovative, high-quality education to students of industrial vocational course preparing them for successful careers and rewarding lives; to create, integrate and disseminate knowledge and technology appropriate to our fields; to continuously improve our programs of study and the quality of the students' educational experience; and apply our knowledge to serve society locally, regionally, and nationally.


The BATANGAS MANPOWER TRAINING CENTER will be recognized as the leading institution for industrial vocational course by prospective students, employers, other academic institutions and research sponsors. We will be recognized for rigorous programs of study provided in a student-friendly environment by a student-centered faculty and staff.

Guiding Values and Principles

We value excellence in teaching, mentoring, research and scholarship; innovation in teaching and research; diversity in the faculty and the student body; service to industry and government. We believe that outstanding research programs are the foundation of a high-quality department; our academic programs must be based on a commitment to the strongest possible education preparing students for industrial careers ; learning is enhanced in a student-friendly environment with students actively engaged in learning and discovery; faculty and staff must be accessible to students and dedicated to the learning process; applications-driven research is essential to keep our curricula on the leading edge; the faculty must be engaged in research to maintain currency in the classroom; and a student-friendly environment is the foundation of a life-long relationship between the student and the department.


The Educational Philosophy of Batangas Manpower Training Center, Inc. is to provide Technical education that is aligned to the national standards and relevant to business and industry.


To increase the percentage of trainees performing at the proficient and advance levels as measured by TESDA
To implement a training module that is aligned to Training Regulations of TESDA To align technical training to National Standards and Assessment requirements, allowing students to obtain relevant certifications.

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